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Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Ring (2022) - Premium Series

Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Ring (2022) - Premium Series

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Replace MVP With Custom Name And Number? (+$40)

Our rings are big, heavy, and beautiful. It is the best replica in the market and we take great pride in that.

The diamonds are hand set AAA grade cubic zirconia

Includes wooden display box

The ring has all inside engravings

18k White Gold Plated option, we use a copper base which requires higher levels craftsmanship and man hours but it produces sharper details and a brighter finish than the commonly used zinc alloy. Then a think layer of 18k gold plating is added and buffed to brilliant shine. The platting will wear with a lot of use, so bear in mind that it should be mostly for display and special events.

Solid .925 Sterling Silver option, the ring is exactly that, solid silver. We are still able to achieve the same level of detail of the white gold plated ring but this ring will not chip or "rub off" so this option is best for members that are planing on wearing the ring frequently.

Custom Name And Number: Select "Yes" under "Replace MVP With Custom Name And Number? (+$40)" and type in the name and number you'd like to replace MAKAR 8 in the text boxes on this page. Please allow an additional 5 days to customize an order.


If not personalized, the ring will come with MAKAR 8

The dimensions of the face are approximately 34 x 32mm

Weight: 60g

Shipping is USPS

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